BBRC is a private investment firm founded by Australian entrepreneur Brett Blundy, with a 40+ year track record of successfully creating, growing and investing in businesses. The firm has grown from a single record store in Australia to a global investment portfolio valued at US$2.3bn. While BBRC’s story began with retail, we are fundamentally opportunistic and our portfolio now consists of investments across key verticals – Consumer, Funds Management, Property, and Agriculture. People and culture are always our first investment consideration. We seek out operating partners aligned with BBRC’s 10+1 culture commitments as they are responsible for instilling BBRC’s culture in each of our portfolio companies.

Brett is the son of market gardener and grew up in the rural outskirts of Melbourne. He made his first retail investment at the age of 20, partnering with a school friend to buy two troubled music stores. They were unable to make a profit in the first three years, even after closing one of the stores. It wasn’t until Brett and his friend saved enough to buy a second store were they able to significantly improve turnover, learning two key lessons of retail in the process – staying close to the customer and the importance of store location. This business would later grow to become Sanity Entertainment Group, which at its peak had >350 stores and one-third market share in Australia. From these beginnings Brett has created and grown many successful retail businesses in partnership with talented operational executives. His willingness to consider the unconventional, think long-term, and drive continuous improvement has seen BBRC grow well beyond its retail heritage to include investments in the broader consumer space, property, agriculture, and most recently funds management. Brett is also is a member of the XPRIZE Innovation Board, actively engaging with Foundation Leadership on strategic topics such as defining annual Grand Challenges and identifying strategic partners and opportunities. XPRIZE harnesses the power of competition to push the boundaries of human potential, focusing on problems currently believed to be unsolvable or that have no clear path to a solution.

Brett Blundy

  • Our Philosophy
  • #1: Can Do Attitude
    Inspire and achieve by your attitude and actions.
  • #2: Customer First
    Customer satisfaction and perfect performance. We exist to satisfy our customers and do everything in our power to add value to the customer’s experience.
  • #3: Respect
    We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We don’t call our people ‘staff’, they are part of the ‘team’. All ideas are encouraged and every individual counts.
  • #4: Continuous Improvement
    We strive for excellence and are never satisfied – always raising the bar to keep improving, even if it means changing everything we do. We don’t get complacent and have never arrived.
  • #5: Communicate, Communicate, Communicate
    Communication is both directions – listening as well as talking. Get communication going continuously and in as many ways as you can.
  • #6: Cost and Waste are the Enemy
    Costs are the enemy, we continuously find ways to reduce expenses, cut our shrinkage, and improve our productivity
  • #7: Accountability
    Commit. Take ownership. Be responsible for your actions and results. ‘Do or do not – there is no try.’
  • #8 Teamwork
    Depend on others and others must be able to depend on you. Team work means supporting and coaching all around you. We succeed through the effort of our teams not through individual performance.
  • #9: Trust
    Act in a manner that instils trust in all our team, customers, suppliers, and community.