BBRC first entered funds management in 2012 with the formation of Aventus Property Group.

We are committed to building a global funds management business and launched BBRC Capital Management in January 2018, with offices in New York and Sydney. BBRC Capital Management has been seeded with US$150m from BBRC and the funds are looking to raise and manage external capital.

Aventus Property Group

(exited 2018)

Aventus Property Group is a specialist fund and asset manager of large format retail shopping centers in Australia. It was established in 2012 to provide management services to ASX-listed REIT Aventus Retail Property Fund, including property management, leasing, marketing, acquisitions, and development. In 2018 the Aventus Property Group was acquired by Aventus Retail Property Fund through an internalization process.

BBRC Capital Management

BBRC Capital Management extends the scope of BBRC’s funds management capabilities to private equity and listed equities. It was established in January 2018 with the opening of a New York & Sydney office and today comprises multiple funds with varying global mandates. All BBRC Capital Management funds have investment philosophies aligned with BBRC’s core values. This includes prioritizing people and culture, investing in growth-oriented businesses positioned to be industry leaders, and providing value-adding, partnership-orientated capital.