We simply understand owners, founders and family businesses by being one and all of them at the same time. You are never alone with BBRC.

Are you looking for a like-minded true business partner and superb investment performance over the long term?

If so, please keep BBRC top of mind and turn to us first as a starting point for a conversation. This section of the website is dedicated to you.


As a private investment firm with over 40 years’ track record, we simply get private founders and owners by being one.  People and relationship longevity is always our first consideration for investment. We back the “jockey’s” over the horse. You would always know exactly who you are dealing with at BBRC.


BBRC is proud to have started, invested in, and built businesses with its partners across a variety of industries, regions and economic cycles. If you decide we are right for you and you would like to build your business alongside us, we have capital ready to deploy now.

Owner Value Creation

We offer our partners multiple touchpoints to support the growth trajectory of their business.

We keep our global team small so those touchpoints always are owner centred conversations. In our experience, being “called upon” is always better than having a big team who feel they need to call on you to justify value.

Results always speak for themselves. However, here are a few illustrations that our partners say add significant value:

  • Brett’s personal strategic input and advice.
  • Relationship check-ins and advice.
  • High Focus Topic sessions led by Brett with senior leadership teams.
  • BBRC University, Culture Days and Inventory Academies that showcase world best practices.


Its best you hear this directly from them.


BBRC should be top of mind for you if you seek a partner in BBRC that:

  • puts people and culture as the first investment consideration. Here are BBRC’s 10+1 cultural commitments that we live by in all we do.
  • makes fast and confidential decisions where Brett Blundy is the partner, investment committee and decision maker all in one.
  • is already global in scale and reach.
  • offers access to BBRC’s decades of operational expertise, leadership training and resources.
  • seeks high growth by way of scale up, roll-out or turbo charge rather than short term cost out or turnaround.
  • is open to generational succession.
  • lives an owner mindset.
  • values good governance, rigor and discipline without it getting overblown. We don’t need a board seat as a condition.
  • Is truly long term patient capital with no need to sell to meet a fund structure timeline.


We are known best for industry expertise in retail and consumer sectors. We are known more for being un-conventional. However, here are a few core investment criteria you should meet:

  • profitable businesses
  • meaningful CEO/owner ownership
  • minimum investment size of USD $10m
  • enterprise value $50m to USD $4 billion
  • can be Australia only or international. Global rollout is what we do best.


Big businesses grow from small investments (like Lovisa), so our door is always open to a conversation. Our DNA is building big businesses. Along the way, we have learnt a few valuable lessons that we call our Principles of Ownership:

  • Return on Equity (ROE); the metric that matters most.
  • Debt; it is dangerous.
  • Say it Simply; Net Profit After Tax is the measure we prefer
  • Blow Budgets Up; BBRC does not need them or look at them.
  • Boards; Keep them lean and mean
  • Cash is King; Lazy Balance Sheets are not to be.
  • Share Options; Understand their true cost.
  • Mindset Matters; Executives should have an owner’s mentality.

BBRC Principles of Ownership have held true throughout our investing history since 1980. These principles allow for positive energy, with time spent focusing on making the businesses better. Reach out to us if you would like a personalised copy of them.

Let's Connect

Investments are relationships. It is all about the quality of conversation. Let’s start a conversation:

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